Distracted Driving Kills

Distracted Driving Kills

DISTRACTED DRIVING KILLS is an initiative to create awareness about today’s disturbingly dangerous reality on BC’s roads. We want to promote the prevention of it, and provide a forum to share stories about the devastating impacts distracted driving is causing across our province.

The BC Coalition to End Distracted Driving and its members have launched this campaign to encourage British Columbians to put their phones away, keep their hands on the wheel, and commit to being “present” while driving. Always. Because, no matter who is calling, what notification chimes, or who is in the backseat – taking your focus away from driving at any time, for any distraction, is NOT WORTH IT!

Distracted driving is now responsible for more motor vehicle deaths than impaired driving. You won’t let your friends drink & drive – now it’s time to expand that perspective and make sure we don’t let our friends, family or loved ones drive while distracted.

Here’s How You Can Help

Visit our website at

There you’ll find a growing list of personal stories and statistics about the devastating impacts of distracted driving in BC. Read, watch, listen – and then share. You’ll find easy links to Facebook, where many of these stories will also be showcased, and where you can like and share with friends, relatives and neighbours.

Forward this information to your friends, family and colleagues

Every year, dozens of loved ones are killed or injured as a result of distracted driving – it’s time we stood together as concerned British Columbians to put an end to this. Together, our collective voices can spread the word that any distraction while driving is no longer accepted or tolerated and is simply NOT WORTH IT!

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