Yan Gertsoyg, Principal Counsel

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Yan Gertsoyg
Principal Counsel

Our Principal, Yan Gertsoyg, has been a Vancouver personal injury lawyer in British Columbia since 1992. He has conducted a number of Supreme Court Personal Injury Trials, ranging from 5 days to 4 weeks duration.

Over the course of his career, he has acted for over a thousand victims of personal injury, in traumas resulting from car accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, dangerous products, dangerous premises, slip and falls, black (toxic) mold poisoning cases and ski accidents.

He has been successful in recovering compensation for victims of brain injury, spinal injury, fractures, neck injury, back injury, whiplash, fibromyalgia, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, loss of life, thoracic outlet syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome, sjogren’s syndrome, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, and connective tissue disorder.

Yan Gertsoyg is a member of the Law Society of British Columbia, the Canadian Bar Association, the Trial Lawyer’s Association of British Columbia, and the American Trial Lawyer’s Association.

Yan Gertsoyg is a recipient of the Certificate from the Government of Canada for outstanding contribution to the Russian Community.

Yan Gertsoyg was the Plaintiff’s personal injury lawyer in B.D. v. Jevco and B.D. v. ICBC, one of British Columbia’s leading cases in the field of Underinsured Motor Vehicle Protection, which provides for additional coverage where the Defendant’s insurance policy limits are exceeded by the losses of the personal injury victim. He was subsequently Chairman of the Trial Lawyers Association of British Columbia Conference on Underinsured Motorist Protection.

Yan Gertsoyg was also the Plaintiff’s personal injury lawyer in A.K.H. v. Khan, where the jury awarded the victim of personal injury over $760,000 which was more than 30 times what was formally offered by ICBC a year prior to trial.

Yan Gertsoyg speaks English and Russian.