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Child Support

One of the biggest misconceptions within Canada is that child support is an extension of spousal support. Many people assume child support is a type of payment given to a parent for their own needs, which is not true. Child support is an amount a parent pays another parent to help support the children. This …

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Division of Property

If you are getting a divorce you will have to divide property between yourself and your former spouse. Divorce falls under federal jurisdiction, meaning it is the same across Canada. This post will only focus on divorce and not on the dissolution of common law relationships, which are under provincial jurisdiction. If you and your …

How Can You Get Compensation for Lost Income After an Injury

Parental Alienation in Canada – What Are the Costs

According to our family lawyer Vancouver, A custody agreement is a legal and actionable document that sets the rights of parents to live with a child. Child custody agreements are common in separation and divorce lawsuits. The terms and conditions of a custody agreement should be obeyed by both parents. Failing to follow a custody …

Parent is Not Following Custody Agreement – Now What?

A child or parenting order is a legally binding directive about the parenting arrangements of a child. According to our family lawyer in Vancouver, parenting orders can be court-imposed or court-approved consents. Parties to a parenting order must abide by the terms of such directives to avoid adverse legal consequences. The scope of a child …

What is a trial in family law?

Have you and your ex-partner been at an impasse for a while? Have you tried multiple dispute resolutions, but still cannot agree on a decision? It might be time to start talking about going to trial. A trial is the final stage in the litigation process. It is a structured procedure where the facts of …

How to Check Your Divorce Status in Canada

Can you look up divorce records in Canada? All provinces in Canada, save for Quebec, classify divorce files as public records alongside other civil litigation cases like child support. There are several reasons why you would want to check your divorce records or those of another person online. Perhaps you are a female and would …

How Can You Get Compensation for Lost Income After an Injury

How to Live Together While Separated

Most divorces in Canada are preceded by a one-year separation. In the face of a separation, you could be wondering: can I live my life separated but in the same house as my husband? More and more couples continue living together while separated due to circumstances that are hard to control or change quickly. Some …

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Tax Deduction from Spousal Support in Canada

Divorce can be complicated, particularly regarding issues revolving around spousal support. When a couple has had an amicable separation or divorce, they may decide to sort out their issues without going to court or without getting a family lawyer Vancouver involved. However, this is often a huge mistake because there are tax benefits and tax …

What is a Mediation?

Mediation is a process in which an impartial third party attempts to assist the opposing two parties in resolving conflict. The process is confidential, and anything said during the mediation can be used later in court, neither by a disability lawyer, judge, nor any party involved. The purpose of a mediator is to use communication …


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