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Strange Injury Nets Large Payments

You probably do a lot of driving for work or pleasure. No doubt you try to be careful. But sometimes that’s not enough – through no fault of yours you may get hurt in a car accident. A recent case shows that if that happens, the courts will likely have your back. …

Difference Between CPP Disability and Long-Term Disability

Can I collect CPP disability and long-term disability? Long-term disability and CPP disability can be confusing for many claimants. Most people aren’t sure if they are entitled to both benefits and how much they can collect for each. This article will break down CPP disability and LTD benefits for you. …
Gertsoyg & Company - Stop ICBC's Plans To Cut Your Compensation

Stop ICBC’s Plans To Cut Your Compensation

ICBC is attempting to cut your compensation by putting a small arbitrary cap on your pain and suffering. Your insurance premiums may stay the same, but your recovery will be reduced by more than 80%. Would you buy fire insurance, if it only paid 20% of your losses? Likewise, why would agree to buy car insurance that only pays you 20% of your losses for all the pain, suffering and loss of enjoyment of life, caused by a distracted or impaired driver? But ICBC wants to make you. …
Gertsoyg & Company - Distracted Driving

Distracted Driving Kills

Distracted Driving Kills is an initiative to create awareness about today’s disturbingly dangerous reality on BC’s roads. We want to promote the prevention of it, and provide a forum to share stories about the devastating impacts distracted driving is causing across our province. …

Psychological Injuries Can Net Big Dollars

If you’re hurt in a car accident, your physical injuries may heal fairly quickly. But the accident could also trigger long-lasting psychological injuries – for which you could be entitled to compensation. …

Video Surveillance Can Hurt Your Injury Claims

Did you know that if you’re hurt in a car crash, the defence (i.e., ICBC) may secretly film your activities after the accident to try and discredit you or reduce your claim? Car crashes often lead to whiplash and other types of soft tissue injuries to the neck and back. These types of injuries, and the pain they cause, are very real and sometimes persist for years. Unfortunately, they’re notoriously hard to pin down objectively by medical tests. Courts must therefore rely on your own testimony, medical records of your complaints to your doctor or therapists, and expert opinions. …


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