Gertsoyg & Company

Pedro Pablo Morales
Associate Counsel

Pedro Pablo Morales, has been with Gertsoyg & Company since 2008.

He obtained his Law Degree from the University of Lima, Peru, and subsequently had practised law in Lima for three years.

He has continued his studies at the University of McGill in Montreal, and has received accreditation in Risk Management from Risk and Insurance Management Society of Canada.

Mr. Pedro Pablo Morales has been admitted to the Bar in British Columbia in 2018.

He has drafting pleadings, court applications and settlement documentation for victims of personal injury in traumas resulting from car accidents, motor cycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, dangerous products, dangerous premises, slip and falls, black (toxic) mold poisoning cases and ski accidents.

His assistance has been of great value in recovering  compensation for victims of spinal injury, brain injury, fractures, back injury, neck injury, fybromyalgia, whiplash, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, carpal tunnel syndrome, thoracic outlet syndrome, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, sjogren’s syndrome, and connective tissue disorder.

Mr. Morales also practices in immigration, family law, business and estate law.

Pedro Pablo Morales speaks English and Spanish.