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Mild Brain Injury Can Have Major Consequences

David, 19, was broad-sided by another vehicle which drove through a red light. He struck the left side of his head against the windshield and his knee against the dash, suffering a mild whiplash, cuts and bruising about the left side of his face and a badly bruised ear drum, in addition to a cut and bruised knee. While he didn’t lose consciousness, he probably suffered a concussion in which his awareness was altered. He was treated in the emergency room and released later that night. …

Brain Injuries And Their Effects In Car Crashes

“Mental Illness often a Byproduct of Concussions” declared an attention-grabbing newspaper headline recently. The effort to draw attention to the often misunderstood subject of brain injuries (of which concussions are a common type) is justified. “Concussion” or even “mild concussion” sounds harmless and, too often, is incorrectly viewed lightly, like a sprain or minor fracture. …


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